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Beef Feeds

  05/15/13 2:36:48 PM

All Grain Feed:                   Protein 8% 


           1. High Energy grain mixture for cattle, sheep, horses, and goats. 
           2. This is not a complete feed. 
           3. For your type animal, always feed the correct protein concentrate mix & minerals.
           4. Provide pasture and/or good quality hay and plenty of fresh water at all times.




 12% Cattle Feed:              Protein 12%; Fat 2.5%


           1. A Complete grain mix for beef cattle.
           2. Feed the amount needed to supplement your pasture or the quality hay you are 
           3. Provide plenty of fresh water at all times.


Bull Ration R30:                 Protein 12%; Fat 2.5%


           1. Special Formulated for growing bulls, can be self fed.   
           2. Makes an excellent bull performance testing feed.    
           3. Provide pasture and/or good quality hay and plenty of fresh water at all
           4. Always read the feed tag, especially when drugs are added. 



MSF Winter Creep:               Protein 12%; fat 2.0%


       *Also with B68(Bovatec) 


           1. Feed in a creep feeder or hand feed to supplement cows milk. 
           2. Excellent grower feed for post weaned or shipped-in calves.  
           3. Creep feeding will improve health and weaning weights. 
           4. Bovatec for control of coccidiosis and increase rate of gain. 
           5. Always feed a recommended mineral with the Wintercreep.
           6. Provide plenty of fresh water at all times. (Always read the feed tag). 




Beef Finisher R20:              Protein 12%; fat 2.5%


           1. A feedlot type high energy complete grain feed to finish cattle to butcher. 
           2. Start feeding slow and increase over a two week period with all good quality
               roughage they need. 
           3. See tag for feeding instructions and safety caution for horses. 




MSF Show Feed:                 Protein 12%; Fat 3.5%          
           1. A complete grain/premium roughage to better manage the growth rate so they
               are the right size and weight for show time. 
           2. Do not allow animal to run out of feed. 
           3. Provide plenty of fresh water at all times.  




MSF Cattle Grower:             Protein 12%; Fat 2.5%



       *Also with B68(Bovatec) Contains vitamins and Minerals 



                 1. Feed to calves around 450 lbs and up, Can be self fed. 
           2. Provide pasture and/or good quality hay and fresh water at all times. 
           3. Always read the Feed Tag. 




Stress Starter #5 (AS700):   Protein 13.5%; Fat 2% 


           1. A medicated ration for beef cattle. 
           2. Feed 5lbs per head; per day to get recommended level of medication for 28 days 
           3. For stressed cattle, shipping fever, or respiratory disease. 
           4. Works best with quality prairie type hay and plenty of fresh water. 
           5. Withdraw this medicated feed 7 days prior to slaughter. 


       *Stress Starter #10 (AS700): Same usage as #5, only fed 10lbs per head per day 




MSF Heifer B40:                  Protein 14%; Fat 2.5% 


           1. A complete ration for increase rate of weight gain on replacement beef and
               dairy heifers. 
           2. Bovatec for increased weight gain and coccidiosis control. 
           3. Always provide fresh water at all times. 



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