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Custom Hauling
Did you know???

We offer:
** Grain hauling to Deerfield and Kansas City, MO **

** Semi grain hauling to your farm!! **

Call us next time you need a load of soybeans taken to K.C. or maybe a load of SHP picked up in Deerfield, MO!!

(800)-299-6680 ask for Tim

Custom mixed feeds to meet your needs!!

Corn Price

Corn Price on 04/24/15
$3.91 per bushel

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Local Conditions
Monett, MO
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 70oF Feels Like: 71oF
Humid: 88% Dew Pt: 66oF
Barom: 30.05 Wind Dir: ESE
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 7 mph
Sunrise: 6:01 Sunset: 8:23
As reported at Monett/Municipal, MO at 12:00 AM
Local Radar
Monett, MO
Local Forecast
Monett, MO





High: 83°F
Low: 66°F
Precip: 0%
High: 82°F
Low: 66°F
Precip: 0%
High: 81°F
Low: 64°F
Precip: 30%
High: 80°F
Low: 65°F
Precip: 0%
High: 79°F
Low: 66°F
Precip: 60%
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Name Exchg Last Chg Time
CORN (@C9N) CBOT 391'0 1'2 12:36A
CORN (@C9U) CBOT 399'4 1'0 12:25A
CORN (@C9Z) CBOT 408'2 0'2 12:33A
OATS (@O9N) CBOT 305'2 0'6 12:11A
OATS (@O9U) CBOT 286'0 0'0 8:54P
OATS (@O9Z) CBOT 276'4 -4'2 1:16P
SOYBEANS (@S9N) CBOT 821'6 0'2 12:36A
SOYBEANS (@S9Q) CBOT 828'4 0'2 12:32A
SOYBEANS (@S9U) CBOT 835'0 -0'2 12:30A
SOYBEAN MEAL (@SM9Q) CBOT 2988 - 1 12:30A
SOYBEAN MEAL (@SM9U) CBOT 3003 - 4 10:40P
WHEAT (@W9N) CBOT 468'0 -2'2 12:35A
WHEAT (@W9U) CBOT 476'0 -2'2 12:30A
WHEAT (@W9Z) CBOT 489'4 -3'0 12:30A
HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (@KW9N) KCBT 423'0 -2'2 12:31A
HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (@KW9U) KCBT 434'0 -2'6 12:30A
HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (@KW9Z) KCBT 456'4 -2'2 12:30A
FEEDER CATTLE (@GF9K) CME 135.575 0.150 12:00P
FEEDER CATTLE (@GF9Q) CME 142.950 0.425 1:04P
FEEDER CATTLE (@GF9U) CME 143.925 0.125 1:04P
LIVE CATTLE (@LE9M) CME 110.775 0.150 1:04P
LIVE CATTLE (@LE9Q) CME 108.100 0.200 1:04P
LIVE CATTLE (@LE9V) CME 108.000 0.250 1:04P
LEAN HOGS (@HE9M) CME 89.500 -0.225 1:04P
LEAN HOGS (@HE9N) CME 90.975 -0.100 1:04P
LEAN HOGS (@HE9Q) CME 92.275 0.125 1:04P



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May 24, 1989
NHL's NY Rangers fire GM & coach Phil Esposito

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